No need to go to the authorities: vehicle registration will be digital throughout Germany in the future

HomeNews No need to go to the authorities: Vehicle registration will be digital nationwide in the future

You can register a car online from September. The Federal Council approved the digitization of vehicle registration on Friday.

Vehicle registration will soon be digitally possible nationwide. : Arne Immanuel Bänsch/dpa

From September onwards, the often time-consuming visit to the authorities to register a car can be omitted. On Friday, the Bundesrat approved an ordinance by the Federal Government on the digitization of vehicle registration. In the future, vehicle owners will be able to apply for everything they need online. The number plate stamps will then be mailed to you within ten days. In the meantime, the digital notification is sufficient as proof of admission.

Car dealerships and commercial registration services can also use the digital service. However, the states asked the federal government to examine how abuse could be prevented or curbed. They pointed out that plaques could be stolen in the mail. There is also a risk that there will be more cars with unstamped license plates on the road.

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In some federal states, such as Berlin, vehicle registration has long been offered as an online service.

Wissing: “Apply digitally and drive off immediately”

The Federal Council’s decision was welcomed by the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the Central Association of the German Motor Trade (ZDK) and the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK). „This digital path will make vehicle registration easier, more convenient and more efficient,“ explained VDA President Hildegard Müller. He will help to relieve consumers as well as business and administration.

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) explained: “From September it will be: register digitally and start driving immediately.” There are around 20 million vehicle registration processes per year in Germany. „With our new regulation, we are making approval more digital, faster and cheaper.“