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Topic #1: President Trump’s approval rating in the US

We the people will never forget how you were elected in a lie and you are on your way out of the White House. You have been voted out by the American people, meanwhile you tweet about yourself. Remember your famous words „I alone can fix it“? Well, you are not alone anymore; the people have voted you out. Why? We don’t like that we can’t live

Topic #2: Which country is the happiest

The World Happiness Report (2011) measures well-being in 156 countries and finds that Denmark is the happiest country. Criteria for happiness include GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make choices, and generosity. The economic component includes income levels realized through labor market participation; and consumption levels. According to this report, the US ranks

Topic #3: What are some of the world’s most famous landmarks

Many different countries have landmarks that are known all over the world, and these could be anything from buildings to landmarks. Some of the world’s most famous landmarks include Big Ben in London, France’s Eiffel Tower and Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza. French people are not only proud to call the Eiffel Tower their own landmark but it is also one of France’s most visited

Topic #4: How to get around different countries with their own currency

After traveling to different countries and experiencing their own currency, I realized that it was easier to take out a certain amount of cash before I left the country for the next country. I would just find a teller before exiting and ask them to convert my dollars into their currency for me. The conversion fee is usually 3%. It took me time to figure out that other countries have their own currencies

Topic #5: The most interesting things about being a citizen of different countries

I was born in Kazakhstan, but I have lived in France for the past six years. Here are some awesome facts about being a citizen of different countries: I am able to work in many European Union countries because I have a French citizenship. I can easily travel to the United States with my Kazakhstani passport and visa and there are plans to introduce a new visa system which will