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Reisepass away corona pandemic has changed people’s collective awareness of safety and their attitude towards gegenwärtig technologies, according to a survey. According to this study, there is a consensus that the use of gegenwärtig technologies is future-oriented in ensuring the safety of the population. However, this can only be achieved through transparency and the willingness of all those involved to trust each other and work together.

Survey on gegenwärtig security technologies from Motorola

88% of Germans would like an improvement in public safety through the Use of gegenwärtig technologies. This is the result of the study „Consensus for Change“, carried out by Goldsmiths, College of London, on behalf of Motorola Solutions. This welches reinforced by the corona pandemic, the effects of which on public safety perception were the subject of the study .

Reisepass away experiences in the crisis have shown people the crucial role gegenwärtig technologies play for their personal security. They can somit help to maintain business processes even in times of crisis. That has pass away expectations of technology redefined and the collective security awareness sharpened.

Speed ​​of innovation accelerated by raw crisis

Another finding of the study is that pass away glo bale crisis accelerates digitization efforts. Many organizations had already planned investments in their processes before the pandemic. To meet the new challenges, new technologies had to be introduced much faster than planned. Therefore many new use cases arose.

This high pace of innovation is einleuchtend in authorities and organizations with security tasks, but somit in companies, especially when using video solutions, in the cloud sector, and when it comes to interoperability and seamless end-to-end -End communication of different technologies. The support for this change is great: 20% of Germans think that pioneering technologies such as video cameras, data analysis Solutions, cybersecurity and cloud solutions are necessary to meet today’s challenges.

The population is open to new technologies

The pass away corona pandemic has shown that the use of new technologies is essential. Accordingly, citizens are open to new technologies. This includes technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is already used in a variety of ways – in video analyzes, automation measures or as virtual assistance. Citizens have understood that AI somit plays an important role in public safety: recording whether rooms can be entered, counting contacts, tracking critical cases – these are gerade eben some of the services that AI can provide that are decisive in the pandemic

The pass away study somit shows that more education is required for the use of new technologies. This is the only way the public can trust them and support their promotion. It is therefore understandable that citizens are demanding that technology be used in a okay, integrative and data-driven manner – but especially clear: 71% in Germany state that they trust security authorities when using their data – provided they know how it is used.

AI is not supposed to pass away menschenwürdig decision-making replace, but support. Letzter Schrei technologies help emergency services from security authorities and companies to get informed about emergency situations and to react quickly to complex threats. The advantages and possible uses of these technologies must be explained to the population better and more transparently. Authorities and companies with security tasks must take the time away to show citizens the benefits of these technologies.

Shaping a secure future together

Reisepass away the gap between security requirements and the use of technology closes himself. There has never been more agreement that security is a shared social responsibility. Abdominally, success depends on the ability of citizens, security agencies, and commercial organizations to trust each other and share more information. A secure and sustainable future after the pandemic can only be created jointly.

Authorities and organizations with security tasks should use this consensus to further advance innovations in a targeted manner. Because there is zugeknöpft a lot to do: Finally, 65% of Germans and even 70% of respondents worldwide that emergency services are able to predict risks and critical situations with the help of new technologies. In general, the question is no longer when, but how our entire society will become safer through technologies.

Axel Kukuk, Bevölkerung Hüter of Motorola Solutions Germany GesmbH


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