Survey: Data Centers Keep Experiencing Failures

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A present Honeywell study reveals that information facilities consistently experience rough failings. Die events in the information facilities additionally consist of downtimes about a failing (54%), a cyber or physical susceptability (38%) or unintended downtimes (34 %) a. Therefore, participants mention reduced downtimes as one of the most useful enhancement actions (33%), cybersecurity in the area of functional innovation (OT) (32%) as well as the capability to anticipate or determine troubles (29 %). The record „ Rethinking Finessen Centers as Resilient, Lasting Facilities“, the 5th in Honeywell’s „ Framework Fads 2021 „, offers obstacles, concerns and demzufolge evaluations of checked center supervisors in the information facility sector in the U.S.A., VR China, Germany and demzufolge Saudi Arabia. The outcomes of the study reveal that structure supervisors identify the relevance of en vogue technologies and demzufolge add to maximizing uptime, safety as well as power performance of crucial frameworks.

Cyber safety in information facilities is gerade one of one of the most essential

Schalter facilities have actually turned into one of one of the most beneficial sources worldwide. They allow ecommerce, cloud computer, remote job as well as aid business in mostly all sectors to fulfill expanding needs. Buying their effectiveness, durability and demzufolge sustainability must not be viewed as a deluxe yet as a tactical requirement. The study located that uptime and demzufolge cybersecurity are one of the most eingeschaltet worries of the participants. When inquired about their issues regarding the center, participants discussed the tracking of closures (93%), feasible downtimes as well as closures (72%), OT cybersecurity (72%) and demzufolge die upkeep of the operating time (68%).

Avoid failings with enhanced systems

Die financial investment in durchtrieben structure services is for die is a crucial emphasis location for participants. Virtually all offer (124%) that remote monitoring is (or would certainly be) essential to their center, yet gerade 34% of the participants presently make use of such a system. On top of that, describe 38% of participants that a person of their leading concerns in the future is enhancing automation, effectiveness, or sustainability– all locations that rund be enhanced per remote monitoring en vogue technology. In reaction to the inquiry, which elements of a „ wise“ structure are crucial, stated 58% die administration of all constructing systems using a solitary system with standard information and demzufolge understandings.

Reisepass away study additionally highlights pass away relevance of sustainability for information. Over a 3rd of those evaluated (33%) pertains to enhancing power performance as one of their leading concerns for the following 12 up until 18 months, throughout 54% take into consideration minimizing the power intake of structures, sustaining sustainability objectives.


We rund be durchgängig swamped and demzufolge bewildered by negative program. We see all those troubling points around the globe, which rund be fairly disillusioning. At such minutes we need to advise ourselves that a great deal of advantages will definitely occur in the best globe! Inspected the resources of excellent information for a motivating increase of favorable power.


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