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Firms as well as tätig facilities take advantage of the upgrade of the Für jedes-Watch Integrated Safety And Security as well as Protection Collection software program system from lowered operating expense as well as enhanced efficiency. Honeywell Für jedes-Watch Anstrengend Command, an interface that allows business to establish a protection system with extensive circumstance acknowledgment with a smooth mix of video and als Folge accessibility control remedies, can currently be updated to Für jedes-Watch 5.5.

Softwareaktualisierung of the software program system from Honeywell

This upgrade permits drivers to promptly and als Folge successfully accessibility Responding to alarm systems or occurrences by supplying workable info, consisting of a combined alarm system introduction with cards and als Folge linked video which contains standard procedure (SOP) to be adhered to, boosting conformity with laws with sophisticated coverage as well as minimizing protection dangers.

Weltbrand-new features for essential frameworks as well as firms

  • Streamlined situation-related depiction: Supplies a unified sight of alarm systems and als Folge maps, operations for events as well as a space/ location home builder for developing sensible areas as well as group-based multisite sights.
  • Softwareaktualisierung assimilation with cybersecurity as well as information defense: Incorporates the brand-new PW7K controller, boosts cybersecurity with the Open Supervised Device Approach (OSDP) as well as information security with discerning masking.
  • Enhancement of Consistency: Boosts conformity with policies with increased coverage as well as decreases safety Threats from an SOP procedure and als Folge end-to-end TLS 1.2 file encryption along with security system and als Folge event-related procedures.
  • Boosted performance and als Folge system uptime: Boosts driver effectiveness with user-friendly controls for mistake monitoring as well as streamlines upkeep with the zusätzliche of remote gain access to away to upgrade the cam firmware as well as transform the password of the electronic camera– additionally for sure non-Honeywell cams.

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