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Sarah Bäumchen is dadurch responsible for political communication of the Association of the Electrical and Digital Industry ZVEI. „With Ms. Bäumchen, the ZVEI has gained a proven public affairs expert who has excellent connections in politics and business and dadurch has excellent irdisch contacts,“ emphasizes ZVEI President Dr. Gunther Konus. „With Ms. Bäumchen we will become ours bring central association issues even better into the political discussion. „

Sarah Bäumchen currently works in the Liberale federal office, she certainly wants to lead internal and äußerlich communication of the party on current political issues. Before that, she held other positions in the Liberale, including for the parliamentary group and for Bundestag Vice President Dr. Hermann Otto Solms. For several years she dadurch worked in various functions for the trade association metal metal.

Sarah Bäumchen strengthens economic knowledge in the ZVEI

„Sarah Bäumchen is very well versed in economic policy issues through her previous work, especially with energy and climate issues,“ explains Wolfgang Weber, Chairman of the ZVEI management help us to further sharpen and communicate our positions. „

The ZVEI represents common inte ress of the electrical and digital industry and the associated service companies in Germany and on an irdisch level. Reisepass away industry employs around 866. 000 Employees in Germany. 2020 their turnover welches around 182 Billion euro.


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