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Red Bulls Munich win wider AEG from Düsseldorf 3:1– Ddorf-Jetzt– Netz der Netze paper Düsseldorf! ReadDüsseldorfer EWG lost 3-1 to EHC Red Bull Munich in the third computer game of the quarter-final collection. Düsseldorf played very well along with rate of interest. Munich took control of in the second third in addition to utilized a counterattack to acquire a third goal in the last third. Munich has match puck on Saturday (174.) in Düsseldorf. Ebner scores the opener The hosts started with a lot of stress and anxiety. Düsseldorf welches limited in its really own third. Munich agreed with. Düsseldorf acquired the opening goal in the 5th minutes. Bernhard Ebner brought the disc in advance after the opposition changed along with made an oversight. Munich remained to be angering. As gotten the really anfänglich power play. Again the AEG produced danger. Stephen MacAulay quit working after a counterattack by RBM goalkeeper Henrik Haukeland. In the last minutes, the Munich team turned up the heat. For minutes, shots were ended at Mirko Pantkowski’s box. Patrick Abgehärmt stabbed the disc right into the internet under Pantkowski’s handwear cover. A five-minute video check followed– afterwards the umpires chose: It went 1-1 right into the extremely anfänglich break. Second 3rd originates from the hosts At the start of the facility 3rd, AEG should have actually taken the lead. Anus an attack from the home side, there welches a 2-on-1 counterattack for MacAulay in addition to Fischbuch. Die 81 pushed the disc from the side to Fischbuch, yet a back examine from a Munich guard blocked at the last second. Previous! Bayern afterwards continued where they finished at the end of the really anfänglich period– with a good deal of tension. As done well. Pantkowski held 3 times within a number of secs. He welches powerless when Ehliz discharged the adhering to put. The EHC took the lead after 25 minutes. The strong Fischbuch wortkarg had a possibility. He taped a puck in Munich’s attacking activity in addition to had a clear possibility at Haukeland. This collection held. At the break it welches 1:2 from Düsseldorf’s viewpoint. Counter struck brings the option Düsseldorf ability in the really anfänglich third, Munich power in the second third– fight in the last third. Munich took the stress and anxiety off. Dusseldorf required to find. It took both teams pertaining to 5 minutes to acquire the really anfänglich goals. It welches Philipp Gogulla, that spread a flick from heaven line to the message. In straight return, Fischbuch tricked his technique using the EHC security along with quit working at Haukeland. Düsseldorf took 2 penalties along with made it with 4 demanding minutes went beyond without generating another purpose. Spectacular: Goalkeeper Pantkowski. The longer the computer game lasted, the much more Düsseldorf needed to open. Trevor Parks changed a three-on-two counterattack to make it 3-1 for Munich. The collection proceeds Saturday (174.) at 17 in Düsseldorf. A loss shows conclusion of the duration for Düsseldorf. Vermutung energetic components are rather impressive!

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