Pope Francis in clinic – appointments cancelled

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According to the Vatican, it is a control investigation. All appointments have been canceled for Thursday.

Pope Francis is currently in the hospital. He is said to be suffering from health problems. Independent Photo/imago

Pope Francis, who has been struggling with health problems for a long time, was taken to the hospital on Wednesday – according to the Vatican for pre-planned check-ups. The head of the Catholic Church has been in the Gemelli Hospital in Rome since the afternoon, the Vatican said. According to information from Vatican circles, all of the 86-year-old’s appointments for Thursday were canceled as a precaution.

The investigations were „planned in advance,“ said a Vatican spokesman. However, he did not provide any further information on the type and scope of the health tests. Vatican circles later said it was „possible“ that the Pope would have to stay in the clinic overnight. His Thursday schedule „has been cleared in case further testing needs to be done.“

Pope Francis in the hospital: knee problems bother him

In July 2021, the Pope had an operation on his intestines at the Gemelli Hospital. Francis has also been struggling with knee pain for a long time. The 86-year-old has been using a cane or a wheelchair for months.

The physical ailments of the pope had fueled speculation that the head of the church might resign. At the end of July last year, he announced that he wanted to travel less because of his health problems. He must „save his powers a little“ or „otherwise think about the possibility of stepping aside.“ In February of this year, however, he declared that resigning was „not on my plan at the moment“.