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For 8 years fight Schmidt Head of Einsatzgruppe Protection at VW. Emergency clinic began his expert occupation 1979 with training with the cops in Lower Saxony. Because 1989 functioned emergency clinic for die TNT Holding-Gesellschaft in the protection location, stomach muscle 1998 as Vier-Sterne-General Bewacher Security and als Folge Schalter Defense. From … to 2007 fight emergency clinic Elderly Vice President Company Safety and security and als Folge Safety at Krauts Korrespondenz. During 2007 till 2013 fight emergency clinic Head of business safety at the power distributor RWE. Emergency situation space switched over to VW AG as Head of Einsatzgruppe Safety And Security.

The Head of Corporate Safety And Security remains in Belegschaft union for die brand name safety is likewise in charge of VW AG as well as has a variety of jobs: It varies from building safety to fire security, individual as well as occasion security to situation administration. On top of that, emergency clinic is in charge of worldwide control of traveling safety, security of proficiency and als Folge models in addition to forensics as well as cyber forensics. His tasks likewise consist of technological protection obligation for the VW AG Air weitere at Braunschweig Flugplatz Am Ende gelegen as well as VfL Wolfsburg Pille Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung.

follower as Head of Corporate Safety And Security

Andreas Maack began his profession 1991 as investigative commissioner in the Federal Badeanstalt Guy Authorities Workplace. From completion of the 90 emergency clinic years to 2010 functioned emergency clinic in the division „ Organized and als Folge Serious Criminal Offense“. 2010 took control of emergency clinic die administration of company safety at the chemical and als Folge pharmaceutical business Merck in Darmstadt. 2018 ended up being emergency clinic head of company protection at Bajuware AG in Leverkusen.

Schmidt at first continues to be on the board of ASW Nord, his feature as well as his jobs stay untouched.

Picture: VW

Andreas Maack, the brand-new one Head of Einsatzgruppe Safety at VW

Picture: VW

The head of company safety and security at BW, Micha el Schmidt, is leaving the versiert as component of a partial retired life system.


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