Bausteinförmig Böschung And Room Construction Gabe For Fire Protection

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The system 42 by Priorit st a bausteinförmig, non-combustible wall surface and demzufolge area building and construction system with a really tiny wall surface density of eben 42 millimeters, which in regards to fire defense has a fire resistance of 30 or 90 mins. Die single-layer needlework, ceiling, door and demzufolge assessment aspects can be incorporated with each other. Because of this, numerous layouts such as I, L as well as U-shaped systems can be applied individually or in mix with existing fireproof elements in the structure.

Bausteinförmig framework of fire defense -Zwischenraumtaste building and construction system

The fire defense bausteinförmig system 42 is mostly made use of to divide the technological structure tools (safety and security systems, AV-SV, ELA, BMA, BOS, Emergency situation lights systems, emergency situation power supply) or kept items on retreat courses, for installment shafts and demzufolge their large revisioning along with for fireproof space remedies. Entirely revisable shafts and demzufolge dividings can be developed along with full spaces. Building and construction elevations of approximately 4m can be executed with no troubles.

Durable as well as durable system from Priorit

Die specific aspects contain a panel structure product with a non-combustible surface area A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501 -1 is categorized. Making use of this composite building and construction product indicates that no abseits fire tons are presented right into the structure. This is incredibly difficult as well as sturdy and demzufolge can be covered with numerous easy-care and demzufolge chemically immune surface areas. Die choice arrays from ordinary shades to top notch veneer surface areas.

Can be incorporated in lots of methods fire defense applications

Private elements of the system 42 such as doors, evaluation opening locks or smoke removal flaps can likewise be integrated with various other kinds of wall surface. Die mosaic of the premade aspects fasts, simple as well as virtually dust-free. If essential, wall surface components can conveniently be adjusted to the architectural problems on website


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