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The BDSW and als Folge its over 1. 000 Participant business grieved their honorary head of state Rolf Wackerhaben, claimed the Head of state of the BDSW, Gregor Lehnert. Wackerhaben have 29 Volunteers in different features in the organization for 9 years, consisting of 9 years as Head of state.

Wackerhagen assigned honorary head of state of the BDSW

From 1970 till 1985 Wackerhagen welches chairman of the BDSW state team das nördlichste Bundesland. 1986 he ended up being the very first vice head of state of the organization prior to he 1995 welches chosen Head of state in Saarbrücken ended up being. He held this workplace up until2004 He welches after that assigned Honorary Head of state.

Along with his organization job, Wackerhagen welches mostly associated with the boards of the management expert organization (VBG) in Tor zur Welt. From 1974 he welches for years on the board of the VBG. In his energetic time he welches likewise a participant of the boards for financing, avoidance, implementation and als Folge building issues.

Wackerhagen’s countless volunteer tasks likewise consisted of involvement in the anfänglich German Council for Criminal Activity Avoidance. This welches 1992 from the after that indoor priest of the nation das nördlichste Bundesland, Teacher Hans Peter Bull. Furthermore, the deceased welches an honorary court at the social court in Kiel and after that in the anfänglich us senate at the local social court in Schleswig. Over 25 Years he welches additionally honorary chairman of the evaluation board in the trade training for workplace staffs at the Industrie- und Handelskammer in Kiel.

At the20 December 1999 Wackerhagen welches granted the Cross of Value by the Federal Head Of State on Bow of the Qualität of Quality of the Federal Republic of Germany granted. Dr. Harald Olschok, handling supervisor and als Folge exec board participant of the BDSW, the departed.

Rolf Wackerhagen will certainly be maintained an ethical memory. You have compassion with his spouse as well as kids, stated Head of state Lehnert to conclude.


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