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The supervisor of the Kossäten branch in Quadratestadt welches selected by the BDSW for his targeted as well as sensible treatment welches identified, whereby even worse über den Daumen be protected against in case of a physical assault on a girl in Quadratestadt.

Reward champion Christian Wenzel, that has actually been 2000 is utilized in various features at Kossäten Security and demzufolge has actually died educating to come to be a master for security as well as protection, gave thanks to the Federal Organization and demzufolge the Court for the staff member honor Die honors highlight that devotion to others is additionally acknowledged by culture. From Wenzel’s perspective, this is very quirlig to additional advertise ethical guts.

Kossäten safety and security worker conserves lady as well as is recognized for this by the BDSW

The event for which Wenzel welches recognized and demzufolge on the basis of which the cops and demzufolge judiciary checked out the aggressor for tried murder happened on a very early night in Might 2019 as complies with: Quickly before the Kossäten Safety branch in Quadratestadt, Wenzel saw a loud debate in between a girl as well as a guy of concerning the very same age. To be able to evaluate the circumstance specifically, emergency clinic originally observed the training course thoroughly for a couple of mins. When the disagreement rose an increasing number of, the aggressive male drew the lady behind an eighteen-wheeler as well as started to choke, it welches clear to him: Currently I need to interfere.

Heading to the criminal offense scene, an alarm system welches elevated space alongside the authorities as well as additionally called a rescue. Along with a worker, emergency clinic after that resolutely leapt sideways of the girl. In spite of enormous resistance from the aggressor, it welches feasible to discourage him from the female. The criminal welches originally able to tear himself away as well as leave on a bike. Because of the manhunt launched instantly, nevertheless, emergency clinic welches jailed by the authorities a brief time later on. Wenzel as well as his coworker waited for the rescue to show up as well as took treatment of the hurt female that welches in shock till after that.


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