Arno Dübel’s body apparently disappeared

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After the death of the prominent long-term unemployed Arno Dübel, no one knows exactly where the body is. There are different statements.

Christian Gehrke

05/26/2023 | updated on 05/26/2023 – 21:26

Arno Dübel recently died in Hamburg.imago images

After the death of Germany’s most famous unemployed man, Arno Dübel, his body is apparently nowhere to be found. Dübel died a few days ago at the University Clinic in Hamburg-Eppendorf at the age of 67. As the Bild newspaper reports, nobody knows exactly where his remains are now.

The deceased was not cremated in either of the two Hamburg crematoria. This is confirmed by the central administration of the Hamburg cemeteries of the Bild newspaper. The hospital does not confirm whether Dübel’s body is still in the university hospital in Eppendorf.

Has Arno Dübel already been buried? And what is the cause of death?

The cemetery administration has not confirmed that Arno Dübel has already been buried, as a relative is said to have claimed.

Arno Dübel is dead: This is how he became Germany’s most famous unemployed person

Arno Dübel, born on January 13, 1956 in Bornum, was a controversial figure. He became known for his 46-year life without gainful employment and thus as the longest living German citizen at the expense of the state. Most recently, he lived in a retirement home in Hamburg-Rahlstedt.

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